Where do Russians get their news about the war?

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The four most popular sources of information about the war are: TV, internet publications, social media, and family/friends. Radio and newspaper are far less popular sources.

The clearest trend in war information source consumption is a steady decrease in the frequency with which respondents get information about the "special military operations" from family and friends. In summer 2022, about 50% of respondents got daily information about the SMO from family or friends; as of mid-September 2024 the number stands at about 40%.

If we disaggregate by expressed SMO support, we see some differences. After December 2022, there's a clear drop-off in how often people who said they oppose the SMO get information about it-especially from friends & family.

There is a notable uptick for SMO opponents around the end of May/ beginning of June, which coincides with the May 30th drone strikes on Moscow. It is interesting that we don't see more movement around Prigozhin's mutiny on June 24th.

Attention to news about the SMO is higher and steadier among SMO supporters, about 80% of whom get info from TV every day.

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